outpatient department service

24-Hour O.P.D. Services

Abishaa Hospitals provide you with one of the best OPD services in Sri Lanka. You and your loved ones are diagnosed and treated by our staff of high professionals. We provide 24-hours uninterrupted outpatient department service at our facility. Our OPD services are available for non-emergency cases that require a timely service. We have our doctors and attentive staff available 24/7 for medical care services and other services.


indoor pharmacy

Indoor Pharmacy


Abishaa Hospital in Vavuniya offers you the convenience of purchasing your pharmaceutical needs at any time of the day! We have established an indoor Pharmacy to help you purchase prescription drugs and OTC (Over-The-Counter) drugs with minimal hassle under the supervision of professional and experienced pharmacists. The pharmacy has over 15,000 leading pharmaceutical products, a wide range of generic drugs, and medical devices available at our pharmacies.


high technology laboratory

High Technology Laboratory

We provide an extensive range of laboratory services including genetics and specialized tests. We are well aware that your well-being depends on the accuracy of our diagnostic reports. Hence, we maintain the highest standards at all stages of our medical investigations including starting from the sourcing of reagents up to the delivery of results. In addition, our laboratory technicians are registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council.


medical team conference

Medical Services

we provide the best medical services at Abishaa Hospital which includes, 24 Hour O.P.D. Services, Indoor Pharmacy, laboratory Services, X-ray Services, ECG Services and also We adhere to international standards in proper drug storage and dispensing. We make it a point to purchase products that are manufactured and imported by registered pharmaceutical suppliers. You can turn to our qualified pharmacists to get guidance on the proper usage of medication and medical devices. our well-qualified and friendly pharmacists are ready to provide you with the health products.


ecg service

ECG Services

The cardiology department facilitates cardiac diagnostics and treatment. Our experienced cardiologists are experts at treating even rare and complex heart conditions to ensure positive clinical outcomes. We’ve equipped our cardiology unit with the latest facilities for ECG which provide our customers with accurate medical care service and We provide safe, effective procedures so you can live the life you deserve. We are with you at every step, from your first appointment through surgery and recovery .


best operation theatre

Operation Theater

Surgery can change lives. Abishaa Hospital is well-known for having the best surgical group of specialists in Vavuniya for the last couple of decades. While we’ve secured the services of an eminent panel of highly skilled and experienced surgeons to offer you world-class care, our experienced surgeons helps you through this next bend of your healthcare path. we also offer our services at affordable rates and expert care for a wide range of conditions, from routine to complex.