Kivicare Medical Services

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Our Services
cardiology centre

Health CheckUp

A usual full-body health check-up is made up of blood and urine tests lungs function tests, and cardiac test.

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An X-ray is an imaginaring test that produces pictures of the organs, tissues, and bones of the body.

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Blood Bank

Blood banking is the process that takes place in the lab to make sure that donated blood, or blood products.

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Clinical lab services are tests on specimens from the body that are used to diagnose and treat patients.

medic spot

Outdoor Checkup

Clinics / Hospitals of Outdoor Checkup Services, Emergency Care Service, Postoperative Care Service.

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Emergency ambulance services have dedicated staff to handle medical conditions at any time anywhere.


Welcome to the world’s first IVF Treatment

Kivicare IVF Fertility specializes in various types of medical services. These services are categorized as follows: 

  • Time saving
  • Use donated eggs/serms
  • Control over timing
  • Chance of healthy baby
  • Decrease chance of miscarriage
  • Increase conception chance
Age factor
Fertility clinic
Lifestyle factor
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What Our
Patients Says


Last month I went to Abishaa Hospital with severe cough and sputum or my father. Their way of handling patients is excellent and so soothing that the patient feels immensely confident about their recovery. Thanks to the doctors within 2 weeks he is completely normal


Abishaa Hospitals have very well mannered staff who have good coordination with patients. The hospital staff assisted very well and took good care of patients. The overall experience at Abishaa hospital is very well satisfying. Thanks to the doctors and the hospital staff

Nishathiny Thayaparan